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Social Encrypted by Alex Social (Notes for Module I)

Second part of notes for Alex's new program Social Encrypted. If you like the content - leave a comment bellow, so i would make notes on the rest of this course.

You could find first part of Alex's Social Encrypted here >>>

The Male Brain.

Expressing negativity, but also being a positive influence.
You encourage people to their best, but as much as you appreciate their effort, you always want more from them. Like a boxing coach, giving them some though love.
What stops guys from being them the best selves – is that they parent themselves too much. So hard on themselves, that they never do what they want. Do not over parent yourself.
Give yourself a credit for the progress that you made. Hard-earned validation is good.
If you are seeking mentorship and permission, and still did not got it, then:
1.   You are not letting something in yourself.
2.   They are not at the point of life where you want to be.
Alex mentions that he does not read self-help book, except “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman, and his knowledge comes from experience.
Recommends book by “Louann Brizendine”.
Mentions different age brackets from this book:
17-23 – Your body simple cannot comprehend that you are entitles to money, women and etc. Responds very well to regimentation (like army, university). Lose-Lose.
24-27 – Too much sense of entitlement at the expense of other people. Drinking, partying and asshole mentality etc. Win-Lose.
28-32 – Warrior phase. Very comfortable with yourself. Job to do. Very confident, affecting people in a positive way. Win-win.

Next phase - Giving yourself to the higher cause.
This is automatic hormonal phases.
Alex shows some different infield videos, where his style of game shows different age brackets.
Humility for Progress vs. Internal Motivation.
Without motivation game doesn’t work. Your sense of influence onto others is your biggest source of motivation.
Alex asks student who has better game between two of them. The answer always should be that YOU have the better game. Be competitive. Step the f up. Humility stands in the way.
You have to believe that you can beat anyone or achieve anything.
Smile. Agree. And do what you wanted to do anyway!
As a man you don’t have a privilege of being lazy. Reward yourself at the end of the day.
3 stage of motivation:
1.   Bitch stage – don’t need motivation, everything is taken care of.
2.   Emo motivation – parents/school withdraw. They have to take care of themselves. The world sucks and etc. Don’t get stuck in this stage. Take responsibility for yourself. Take action and have spark in your eyes. Adjust your brain to fight for what you want.
3.   Boss motivation.
If you want to develop yourself – be more aggressive, get more money, get more girls. You are allowed to be greedy and unapologetic.
You need to be a bit of an asshole. Fight to win, because you love competitive games.
Your thinking should be this: “I want everything for myself, because I know how to use it wisely”.
Alex talks about his personal prayer, that when he wake ups he appreciates freedom.
You have a privilege to live in this world, so don’t complain.
No control, inspiration only.
Confidence - When you perceive that, nothing holds you back. Freedom of life.
Let anxiety unravel into relaxation. If you are bored, your anxiety fades away. You have to be bored, before you are confident.
Embrace whatever emotion you are in. You only achieve happiness if you are chill.
When you are relaxed, you have full monopolization of your emotions. Only you control your emotions.
Alex does not like definition of state, or being pumped up, as it is usually represents a way to cover your anxiety and looking for reactions from girls.
Girls should feel no cognitive dissonance in you when you are interacting with them.
When someone says “I’m not in state” is stupid, or even more stupid is “I’m in state, I’m so pumped up!”. Your focus is to leave with girl.
Best way to face your anxiety is to 4x Rule – re-approach your set four times.
Confidence comes from letting go of things, and not from acquiring girls, money and power.


So many guys think they can control girls. They are very analytical. But in this area of life, you cannot control human beings. Try to inspire them.
If you are expressing yourself, she would be drawn in.
Expression, not impression. Share yourself without needing anything back. You have to amuse yourself without expecting anything.
Be entertained, but never at expense of others.
As a strong willed individual, you have accept that you are going to die alone. You cant control a human being to be in your life. Don’t take people in your life for granted.
Learn how to say no and use full range of emotions.
Attraction does not mean a lot. Girls go home with guys who are they comfortable with.
Show emotional vulnerability. Alex shows infield where he talks to girl about his drinking problem.

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