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Social Encrypted by Alex Social (ex Alex Rsd) notes

Social Encrypted 

Ultimate State of Evolution
This program is about cold approach. Its assumes that you are cognitively normal. You have a job, your own home and not a complete bum.
Two categories of guys. Beta-males who have fear of approaching girls. Alpha males who are confident when approaching girls. A lot of people somewhere in between.
Instant categorization in a positive way (AKA First impression).
It doesn’t matter if you don’t make perfect first impression, but its easier to run game if don’t have these disadvantages.
Look new, doesn’t matter if its expensive. Dress to express, not to impress.
Hygiene – make sure you don’t stink.
Posture –look at the horizon or above, don’t look down. Stand up straight.
Work out – little tip, get a training buddy.
Psychological first impression.
Girls could tell are a passive or active thinker, are you perusing your goals or standing self-aware.
Relax and look outwards to the world. Don’t be in your head. You want a girl in club to look at you and see that you are enjoying yourself. Not concerned with yourself. Girls could tell it immediately.
There is nothing to worry about in club.
Concept of ultimate state of evolution.
Every guy who had a lot of girls have some things in common. You will get to this point no matter what.
The rite of passage – when someone with authority give you permission to think of yourself not as a student, but as a master. You are enough. The rite of passage is achieved.
Alex points out at his student and asks, “who has the better game? You or me?”. The answer should be always “I have better game”.
Chicks are attracted to guys who delusionary think that they are the best.
Stop learning game. Start being in the game. You don’t need to learn anymore.
Make shift from learning a skillset, to showing a girl good time.
“I know better than anyone else”. I walk around with this arrogant self-assurance.
You are girls relief from chode guys.
Find a meaningful source of validation for yourself and use it as a rite of passage.
Acceptance. Intelligence. Manliness. Expressiveness. Patience.
Never use trying for rapport tonality.

Walk around fully unapologetic and act like you are perfect.

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