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Notes from RSD SHIFT by Julien Blanc (Chapter 1)

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People think the whole process is easy. They don’t even know the bullshit you have to go through to achieve the results. Therefore they try to replicate the glory they see without thinking about the source.
This is about putting yourself out into world, overcoming the anxiety deep inside of you.
An easy way to force yourself to take action is joining a group of people who already do it. When you are out, it’s a point of no return.
This will change your life completely, if you stick to it. Not only in the women area, but in every aspect of yourlife.
You can do this no matter who you are. You are not unique. Everyone can do it. You are not a snowflake.
There are patters common to everyone.


No one knows what the fuck they are doing when it comes to pick up. You will see guys not taking action, observing, taking shortly to a couple of girls, asking for the number in a weird way.
Even if they put in the effort, there is a lack of knowledge. People don’t know what to do with the material.
How to apply it. Overabundance of stuff. Different types of game.


There’s a lot of misconception about game. Women say you should be yourself. Being yourself for a guy who sucks, who is a loser is the worst thing he could do.
Social conditioning. You have been conditioned since you were born. We are fast learners. There is a lot of information around. We can’t verify the authenticity of all of it, so we filter it through an unconscious verification system of 3 steps:
· How certain someone is of their ideas. If someone comes up to you and they tell you something in a certain way, you will believe it
· How in alignment his behavior is with his ideas. If he is a little tense, there’s a little uncertainty, you will doubt what he is telling you.
· The number of people that buy into the idea. If a lot of people believe it, you will believe it too.
With this system you will believe everything that goes through the 3 steps. This is not good, you will look at other people and believe their ideas. If an idea is false and manages to get through the system, you will
believe it, even if your common sense tells you it’s bullshit. In game, most of the beliefs are false.
Attraction is value. Value is anything that increases your chance of survival and reproduction. It’s also anything that feels good.
Attraction has always been the same. Since caveman times.
What matters the most is
confidence, dominance, decisiveness which are sub-communicated by the way you act and speak. It’s the deeper level of communication and it tells everything about you, more than any word could do.
If you are confident, decisive, resourceful a girl can feel it, you don’t have to
tell her.
Women are looking at your behavior cues, sub-communication. It’s not like men who are looking at the visualcues.
They can’t tell whether you are attractive only on looks. They need to see the way you act and the way people react to you.
Eye contact for example. You can tell everything from the eyes.
Voice tonality. Breaking rapport. Your voice should go down, like you talk to your friends.
Body language.
Men and women experience attractiveness in a different way. Men are like a light switch, women are like a
volume knob, she needs some time to get a grasp of who you are. Any fucking loser can pretend to have value
for the first few seconds. The more time you spend with someone, the harder it is to pretend. A woman
sees how you present yourself the first time, then she wants to spend more time with
you, test you, and see if you are really who you said you are. She will put you in different
Attraction for a woman is not static. First you can have value, then act in a supplicating way and lose it, then be confident again and regain it. She’s looking at the overall picture.
Game is becoming an attractive guy at the core. You must be internally attractive to be technically attractive.
Game isn’t about learning the tricks. You have to works on the roots.
You have to force yourself to evolve, to make a shift and change yourself on a
deep level.
Imagine who you want to become and ask yourself what are the events that lead to becoming that man. The guy might have a lot of experience with women. You have to do that as well so you can become that guy. He might have great social skills. You have to go out socializing.
Game is a practice. It’s you going out doing certain things over and over
again, day by day. Change won’t happen in a moment. Most guys think they will quickly learn it and get the girls of their dreams and keep it.
To get the dream girl you need to become good with women in general. Even if you get it, you won’t be able to keep it.
She will be repelled by the fact that you don’t improve, you don’t have value. She will realize you don’t have much experience talking to women.
Some guys wait for luck. This is futile. Game is about taking control of your life. Work on yourself, don’t wait for opportunities, create them.
Success is slow hard work.
Most actors, successful people put in hard work. They didn’t get there by luck.
Luck is where opportunity meets preparation. Take charge of your fucking life and make a shift.


Your limiting beliefs come from the conditioning society did on you since you were born.
Come in as a blank state, forget everything you know.
This wouldn’t work for me. This is not for every guy, some just don’t have it. This is bullshit. Anyone can achieve anything.
What one man can do another man can do. If you are a normal individual with no health of brain issues, you can do it. As a guy you are born as attractive to women. This is nature. You don’t have to achieve mastery in order to get results. You get girls around the way even with small changes.
Girls like guys who are good looking. Remember cavemen times. Back then being good looking didn’t have much value. Women looked at the behavioral cues, who is the guy who is decisive, on top of his shit.
My age matters. I’m too old. You are never too old to make a fresh start. It is never too late.
If you are old, you should have more experience and be more grounded than a 20 year old kid who has gone through nothing. If you think age matters, you think women experience attraction like men.
You think they base it on visual cues.
Girls like guys who have money. Women don’t need your fucking money. Most women can support themselves. Or they have already people who support them, like family or orbiters. Every hot woman has orbiters who buy them shit.
It’s different in my country. Here it doesn’t work, girls here are different. Everyone from everywhere thinks like this.
The grass is always greener on the other side. The reason you think it’s harder there it’s because you grew up there. Your limiting beliefs are anchored to that environment.
Women don’t like sex. A lot of guys believe this deep down. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be afraid to go talk to girls, to tell them you like them and think they are attractive. You fear they don’t feel the same way. Women love sex. They talk dirty among them.
She will hook up with you if you don’t have a judgmental behavior. People slut
shame women. If you are talking to a girl and she thinks she will be judged for sleeping with you, she will hold off.
That’s the reason they don’t talk about sex around you. They don’t want to seem sluts.
Stop judging. View sex as a no big deal. It’s something that natural happens between people. If a woman doesn’t feel judged, she will sleep with you fast.
Lover and provider categories. She will have different behaviors depending where you stand.
For the provider, she says she doesn’t like sex, she will feel judged.
Lover is the guy who is fun, care free, nonjudgmental. She will be herself, she won’t rationalize whether she looks like a slut to you and things will be amazing.


A lot of people think they are victims of other people, of the negativity of life. It’s not their fault, they can’t do anything about it.
You are born happy. Full of hope, dreams.
What happens with the years, things don’t go as you thought, you think an opportunity is lost forever and that happens again and again until you tell yourself that’s just not you. It’s easier to blame other people, you don’t take responsibility.
No one is where they thought they would be years ago. They think they are victims of the circumstances, they have regrets of not doing things.
Life is unfair, I am a victim of circumstances, I can’t do anything about it, the world owes me, I am jealous of other people.
A lot of people feel helpless, victims. Few people are really happy, positive, and passionate. Most people are sad, they look down.
Most people lost it, they gave up on it. Why even try, I am a victim. They just stop, accept it and that’s their life. Instead of confronting reality, they try to escape it. Fuck today, I can’t wait to go home. Fuck everything.
They can’t wait to fall asleep. If you are happy to fall asleep, if you are happy to escape your reality, you will be happy.
These people want to be stimulated. They go watch movies, TV series, and marathons. Anything to escape reality. They drink alcohol, drugs. There is an endless supply of this stimulus. The internet is full of movies and TV series. You can find infinite hours.
It reinforces being a spectator, living through the glory of other people. I can
forget about my life, I can watch a TV show where a guy has the life I wanted
to have.
Living through other people. You don’t have to go out and socialize.
You have internet friends. People wake up, go to work, hate their jobs, get lost in routine, quickly rush home, grab junk food which gives you instant gratification, they crack on the TV shows and movies.
They don’t have friends, they don’t need friends because they have the virtual friends from TV series and movies. They fall asleep and they dread the next day. Day by day till they die.
Step up and make a change. Don’t escape reality. Avoid the life described above.
Society loves this kind of people because they are the perfect consumers.

“Do you feel sad? Buy my shit. This will make you happy, escape reality.”

The longer this happens, the sadder it gets. Your excuses and rationalizations grow bigger. You don’t have the willpower to snap out of it anymore. Making a change takes effort. You think there is too much rewiring to do, too many beliefs to destroy, you might have forgotten how things normally are.
Snapping out of it, moving in a different direction feels like death.
Letting them go is a too strong hit on the go. It would mean to accept having fucked up for such a long time.
Accept that you fucked up till now so you can live happy from now on.
Make a firm commitment, don’t snap back into it as your guilty pleasure.
You are not the center of the universe. Stop making it personally. There is no master plan. Thinking that everything that happens happens for you is narcissistic. Be realistic. The world is harsh, unfair. You don’t get
what you deserve, bad things will happen but don’t take it personal, it’s random. Accept it.
You are not a unique snowflake. Everyone goes through shit. You are not
alone. Those issues are not unique.
The more personal the wound, the more universal the wound. Everyone has problems, millions of people are scared to talk to girls. If you feel self-conscious, everyone feels
like it. Stop placing everyone on a pedestal, other people have problems as 
well, and many people have it worse than you and they still make it. Shut the
fuck up about your problems, some people have bigger shit than yours.
Everyone has it tough. Decide to make the fucking change. Look throughout history. There was some guy who dealt with exactly the same shit you are dealing now. And he decided to step it up.
Embrace being part of a larger whole. You are not in this alone. Other people have it tough as well.
Be aware of other people but never compare yourself to them. Don’t
compare their bullshit to yours.
Menvy. Jealousy among men. People successful. Why do I have to put in the hard work when he does that
normally? Why is this happening to me and not to him?
Be aware that those people go through shit as well. Keep your head down
and focus on you. It’s a competition against yourself.
Take the constrains you have in life as a given. Go from there and accept it instead of complaining about it.
What are you going to do, you are in this situation. You can accept it or you
can step up. Bitching about other guys who have it better WILL NOT help you.
Example people whine about looks. Assume that that statement is true. You are right. Now what? What will you do about it? You still have to step it up. Don’t even let those thoughts to enter your mind.
USE IT AS LEVERAGE. If you have nothing, you have extra
motivation to step it up.
The enemy of the best is good. If someone has it easier than you, they won’t have that
fire under them to step it up. I have nothing. Fuck, I better step it up. So it as
extra motivation.
Never wish to be someone else. This is the worst. Wish you were the best version of you. Accept where you are at, accept where you start and focus on changing. If you start off in shit, you don’t have to stay there.
Forge who you are. You can’t change you past, but you can transcend it.
Get out of your introspective world of self-pity. Do I feel sad about this? Nervous about this? For these people it’s all about them.
Get a bigger purpose in life and a bigger circle of concern. Submit to a larger cause. If you have a big purpose, something to achieve, that will create gravity through your personal boundaries. You won’t allow shit thoughts to enter your mind. It would be a
waste of time. You are trying to accomplish something big. They are not helping you achieve that goal.
Must achieve my goal. It’s all out. This is my air. Achieve the goal. Personal boundaries will get tight. You won’t allow shit in your mind. You won’t have the luxury to feel tired, to feel sorry about yourself.
Get some purpose. Better yourself as a person for example. If you move in
that direction, if you buy into that thing, you won’t have time for self-pity. 
You will have bigger worries.
Get bigger circle of concerns as well. It’s not about you every time.
No one cares. No one gives a fuck about you in terms of you being a
victim. No one will help you. You are born alone, die alone, you are
in this alone. Don’t find pity in your family. You are not a little kid. No one cares. Not even your friends.
No one cares if you are sad. Your DNA doesn’t care about it either. It cares about survival and reproduction. It doesn’t care about being sad. Surviving is living, reproduction is masturbating. Your needs are met. Your DNA won step it up.
Stop looking for someone else to do it for you. Don’t look for someone to
comfort you, to make you feel happy when you are sad. This has to come
from you. You have to fix yourself.
Kill the habit of looking for comfort, for pity. You are not a kid. This
is a way to get attention when you are a kid. No one is coming. If you
feel sorry, you will keep feeling sorry. You have to do this. No one will fix you, not even
No one owes you shit. You don’t naturally deserve good things. You don’t deserve women. You don’t deserve better. The world does not owe you anything. If you are not attractive yet, you don’t deserve yet hot girls, success. You get what you deserve in life. You have to work on yourself.
Stop crying. Stop being a little bitch. Start laughing at that
voice in your head that wants to feel sorry. Mock it, laugh at it.
Start laughing. Distant yourself from it and realize how ridiculous it is. Don’t identify with it.
Create some distance and then separate from it. It is not you.
When it comes to women, you can’t have any insecurities. The girls will sense
that. She wants to make sure you are solid, so she will test you about it. She will see how you react to that. If you aren’t prepared for it, you are fucked. Laugh at your insecurities. Embrace them. If you can’t fix it, laugh at it.
Embrace-exaggerate-laugh. This is the formula.
Overcome your insecurities. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at the voice.
You have all eternity to be dead. If you think this is too hard and you want to give up, living your shit life, it’s
like being dead. You will die someday. Your life is short, put in an effort, snap out of it, and cultivate willpower. Go all out, don’t give up, even if it’s hard, even if it’s going to take a long time. What else do you got?


Unlike victim mentality, in this case you think you are above the process. “Learn how to better myself to be good with girls? That’s for fucking losers. I don’t need this shit, I am already good with girls”. That’s delusion.
That’s just like everyone thinks they can fight. Tell them to go talk to a girl, they won’t do it.
They will look back at their life. They think saw her and they got her. What happened was that the girl likes them for chemistry and she throws at them for a long time until they realize it after a lot of time. In their mind they see her, they get her. They have no actual control. They get girls through situational confidence. They depend on social circles. Throw them in the fire, with people they don’t know and they will crash.
You are not above the process, no matter who you are. No matter how good
you are. Let go of the ego which makes you think you are good.
Take on a learner mentality. Never accept yourself as a finished mentality. You will never reach a point where you will good enough. Maybe you won’t learn as much as a newbie, you will learn a lot anyway.
Let it go. Let your ego go. Don’t be afraid of getting help.
Humble yourself. Go get fucking help. You will save time. Value your time. Buy a product, it will save you so much time. Delegate, get help. Don’t do everything on your own. You won’t do it better than everyone else.
If you are not getting the results you want right now, you are doing
something wrong. You know it deep down. You know you could reach your
full potential. Be willing to learn.

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