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Brutally Honest review of Roman Fitness System

My Brutally Honest review of Roman Fitness System.

“Everything you do (or don’t do) affects you both psychologically and physiologically. Every suit you wear, every book you read, every movie you watch is either edifying or eroding your ability to develop into the guy you want to be, the guy you know you can be—the guy who is the best version of you.”
― John Romaniello

Firstly, I bumped into John Romaniello fitness advice long time ago as Tim Ferris mentioned him in one of his podcasts. I’ve got intrigued by his persona, because he was not only a bestselling writer for NYT, but also coach and angel investor, who has written a lot of of articles about different aspects of business development, social media management, and copywriting. In other words, did well for himself and accomplished a lot for his age.
Personally, I have been working with his latest system – Super Hero Workout 2.0. Theoretical part of the program is solid, there is an interesting introduction on important hormones. The book will show you exactly what macronutrients to eat coupled with the exact exercises to perform through a periodized workout plan lasting 4 months. On the bad side, the only thing that was missing is a lack of good design of the book itself, which I really hope he fixes any time soon.
From my experience of books and trainings by John Romaniello, I could say that he designed a profound fitness system for burning fat while simultaneously building lean muscle. But, there is a trick to this. You can forget if you are lazy and do not want to put in work. Because his workouts are REALLY HARD and barely made to the end of his program. One thing though – it was worth it! My percent body fat has dropped from over 26%, down to just over 15%. That’s the best result that I could ever achieved on my own!
I think his Super Hero Workout 2.0 is good for those who want:

  •           Lose fat without doing crazy amounts of cardio

  •           If you have hit a fat loss plateau. In other, you have been working out for a while, but still not happy with you body fat percentage.

If you can relate to this – then it is definitely worth a try. Besides, I was really happy with a price (77$ total instead of 127$).
Also I want to note that John Romaniello was incredibly helpful when I’ve had additional questions about his program, so you get access to one of the brightest minds in fitness industry as a bonus.
In conclusion, Super Hero Workout 2.0 is the program you want if you are looking to lose the most amount of bodyfat in the least amount of time while maintaining the muscle mass you already have. Although I felt I lost more muscle mass than I would have wanted
If you are interested, I will be updating my further progress to this review. Also if anyone used this system, I would like to hear about you experience!

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